Wire & Cable Protection

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Moltec Trading Group Ltd. offers a wide range of wire-cable protection products, conduits and connectors. We also design and fabricate adapters, specialty connectors, wire-cable harnesses and electrical assemblies utilizing our engineering capabilities and our many years of experience and industry know how.

Our special railway engineered product line provides protection and safety on:
Urban public transport systems
Signal Installation & Railway Crossing Points
Underground & High speed vehicles
Electro-locomotive & Freight wagons

MTG cable protection solutions safeguard cables wires and data links against heat, cold, pressure stress, and other external influences
Protecting Packaging, Printing & Machine Tools
as well as Heating, Ventilation, and Filling systems
Many shipping companies rely on the
dependability of our products

For Crew and Passenger Compartments
On Masts and Booms Movable Systems
Open Deck, Cargo Compartment & Engine Room
Conduits offering outstanding
self-extinguishing characteristics

Easy identification of electrical cable systems
Cadmium free, Halogen free & Phosphor free
Special conduit and accessories
for robotics and automation applications
Dependable protection against abrasion
Reduced mechanical stress
Flexible design for motion-intensive applications
Please visit MTG Moltec’s website for further technical and application information: www.mtgmoltec.com

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