Custom Gaskets keeps an extensive inventory of all types, thicknesses, and durometers of rubber stock. Let us know what your specific application requires and we will try our best to meet your delivery. Rubber gaskets are usually used at low pressure and temperature applications. Following is a list of elastomers used frequently in industrial gasketing. The ASTM designation is shown in parentheses.
Natural Rubber (NR) – Offers good resistance to inorganic acids, ammonia, weak acids and alkali; low resistance to oil, solvents and chemical compounds. It ages due to ozone attack – losing strength and characteristics, not recommended for use in applications exposed to sun and oxygen. It has good mechanical and friction resistance but very limited temperature range: -20F (-30C) to 140F (60C).
Red Rubber (SBR) – commonly called synthetic rubber, was developed as an alternative to natural rubber. Recommended for service in cold and hot water, air, steam and some weak acids. It should not be used with strong acids, oils, grease and chlorates. It offers little resistance to ozone and to the majority of hydrocarbons. Temperature limits: -20F (-30C) to 170F (75C)
Butyl (IIR) – offers excellent impermeability and good tensile properties. -30F (-35C) to 170F (75C)
Silicone (SI) – offers excellent resistance to the aging process, being unaffected by sunlight or ozone. For that reason it is often used in hot air. It has little mechanical resistance. It does not resist aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons or steam. Temperature limits: -80F (-60C) to 450F (230C)
Neoprene (CR) Cloth Inserted/Nylon Inserted – offers excellent resistance to oils, ozone, sunlight and aging. Low permeability to gases. Recommended for use with gasoline and non-aromatic solvents. It offers little resistance to strong oxidants and to aromatic and chlorate hydrocarbons. Temperature limits: -20F (-30C) to 170F (75C)
Nitrile (Buna-N) – offers good resistance to oils, solvents, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons and gasoline. Little resistance to strong oxidant agents, chlorate hydrocarbons, ketones and esters. Temperature limits: -20F (-30C) to 170F (75C)
White Nitrile – CFIA and FDA class material. Same resistance as normal Buna-N. Temperature limits: -20F (-30C) to 170F (75C)
EPDM – Sulphur or Peroxide Cured, NSF 61 Potable Water Grade – generally good resistance to ozone, steam, strong acids and alkali. Not recommended for use with solvents and aromatic hydrocarbons. Temperature limits: -40F (-40C) to 212F (100C)
Hypalon – similar to Neoprene rubber, offers excellent resistance to ozone, sunlight, chemical products and good resistance to oils. Temperature limits: -20F (-25C) to 210F (95C)
Tygon/Panacea – Custom Gaskets Ltd. is a distributor for Prince Rubber and keeps an inventory of many of their specially engineered elastomers.
Viton (FDM, FVSI, FPM, CFM) – Aflas Grade etc. – often referred to by its commercial name Viton (trademark of Du Pont). It offers excellent resistance to strong acids, oils, gasoline, chlorate solvents and aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons. Not recommended for use with aminos, esters, ketones and steam. Temperature limits: -20F (-25C) to 400F (200C).
Slab, Skirtboard, Scraper & Bridge Bearing Pads, Linatex, etc. Custom Gaskets can also produce many “one-off” structural components for heavy industry and construction applications. Give us a call to find out more!
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